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30-DAY money-back GUARANTEE

RETURN POLICY: Your money-back guarantee covers 30 days from the time you receive the order. We receive less than 1% returns per year, but your satisfaction is always our main goal. How to request a refund: After reviewing the items and trying out the programs, if you find that it does not fit your needs and you are not satisfied with it, you must call us within 30 days to request a refund.

We get very few technical support calls, but if you have a technical question or any problem running the program on your computer, just call us and we will assist you. If you are having technical difficulties you must call for technical assistance so we can solve the problem, before you ask for a refund. With your return, you online coarseware account will be deleted.

Books must be returned in perfect condition to Pathways Publishing. When you call to set up your refund, we'll tell you where to send the package. You will be refunded the cost of your order minus any shipping costs and a small processing fee within 30 days from the date we receive the package. In rare cases, we reserve the right to decline a full refund or to limit the refund due to "worn" or damaged goods or theft.

Contact Information - If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about our privacy policy you may contact us using the information below:

By e-mail: and at the numbers given on the order page or web site.