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Meaningful Education

Our core curriculum is a totally whole new approach for education. Rather than the "factory schools" designed in the early 1900s or the schools designed for corporate careers and professions, this course is designed to develop a broad awareness of whole of human knowledge and experience. The current public education curriculum is based on an out-dated model, the Herbartian curriculum. This structure first proposed in the 1820s that taught subjects as specialized studies not related to the other subjects. It teaches facts in isolated "bits" without making connecting the deeper meaning, relavance and the great teachers, inventors, creative geniuses and discoverers of the information. Little of this information is actually remembered. Our Global Curriculum changes the way the learner sees the world and the way they see themselves as part of the world.

Instead of a thematic focus on American history and fragments of world history, the core structure is based on comprehenisve synoptic Global Studies. This is a chronological view, East and West, comparing the difference and the similarities between how different peoples and events have contributed to the world we have today.

This concept creates a "story" that becomes memorable. In a way, it is the story of everyone. This way no one culture is excluded and the learner becomes aware of how they are part of that story.

The story unfolds along the timeline, the evolution of thought and ideas explain many things that the learner has never thought about as well as answering many questions that they have often wondered about. A great effort has been made to include knowledge that is usually left out of public education, like women's history, minority histories and cultures that had oral traditions instead of written histories. Students and life-long learners will study the Global Politics, History of Science and Technology, Worldviews and the Culture of each period. This multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural "horizontal" structure supersedes the old "vertical" (and disconnected) Herbartian curriculum.

Self development is fostered through universal philosophy and learning to think for oneself, discover one's own hidden talents and finding and developing new interests. Studying how things change (and who and what created the change) brings a realization that we as individuals can also make change--that we can transform ourselves and the world. Though we never minimize the harsh realities of history and the present, a rational and surprisingly positive approach to creating a hopeful future is taught through positive psychology and the new scientific paradigm of global regeneration. Reshaping our society, science and technology to coincide with nature and the forces of natural regeneration reveals astonishing new solutions to our worst problems--many of them are already here, just waiting to be applied. Of coarse, first we must know of them. To extend the core curriculum to specialized subjects, Eurthona provides top-notch connections to the best free coarses and educational resources on the web. You will find all this in the global curriculum.
New Paradigm Education
The Regenerative Sciences
  Progressive View of History
Teaches the truth about "hidden" history.

  New History of Science
Old mechanistic, unsustainable science and technology compared to organic, sustainable paradigm.

  Global Regeneration
The new science of regeneration and how it is the solution for the future.

  Cultural History, Arts and Literacy
The importance of creative culture in fine arts, music, poetry, theater, books, films, television, multi-media, crafts and design

A Scientific Revolution in Our Midst

Now taught in many universities around the world, "Regenerative Science" teaches us how to work in harmony with Nature, rather than trying to "conquer" it.

The sustainable future is created as the environment is restored.
Regenerative Science
  Regenerative Theory

  Regenerative Economics

  Regenerative Farming

  Soil Science
    Renewable Energy

    Bio-based Industry

    Earth Restoration

    Zone Development