e-Courses include:
   The New Paradigm
   Evolution & Society
   Global Studies
   History of Science
   Future Studies
   Regenerative     Science
   Earth Restoration
   Being A Change     Agent
   Self Development
   Organic Health
   Organic Lifestyle
   Renewable Energy
   And More
Message From The Author - Michael David Schacker

The Global Curriculum is the product of extensive research on the history of consciousness, worldviews and change. The manuscript and coarseware were almost complete at the time of the author's traumatic brain injury in the Spring of 2008.

My wife Barbara, Head of Pathways Publishing, an accomplished writer and designer of online software programs has now stepped up to the challenge of finishing the curriculum and online courseware. She helped during the 40 year period of research that is condensed in this core curriculum. Also being a librarian, she helped research and link the core curriculum to expand the content and continues to work to keep it up to date.

During his recovery, Michael Schacker was able to continue to contribute to the content and vision of the Global Curriculum. It gave him great happiness to see the fulfillment of his life-long dream--the creation of the first progressive global curriculum for learners of all ages, all races, all nations around the world. He believed this new education is the single most important thing we need for world peace and planetary survival. Michael Schacker passed away on October 30, 2014, two years after publishing his second book, "Global Awakening, New Science and the 21st Century Enlightenment". More

Our Vision
What is "Progressive Education"?
  Teach the New Paradigm
Everyone needs to know the new science for the future.

  Everyone Needs Philosophy
Teens usually begin to ask deep questions by age 13. We all need to teach and understand some philosophy to cope with the modern world.

  Teach the New History
Current curriculums are inadequate. Everyone needs to know the true history of the world, as revealed by recent research.

  Other Needs Are Filled
We need other course studies, including Renewable Energy, Organic Health, Organic Food Production, Integrated Medicine, Positive Psychology and Parenting, Learning Styles, Earth-friendly Lifestyles, Enlightened Government, Extensive Library resources and recommended readings for further exploration and Life-long Learning

The Global Curriculum Provides A New Foundation

What is "Progressive Education"? There are, of course, many answers to that question. The Global Curriculum is designed to provide an exciting comprehensive structure, a new foundation with New Science, New History and philosophy for everyone on the planet. In addition to the courses here, we link to other in-depth sites on the web and the best sources for further study. Like a Global Brain, The Global Curriculum hopes to connect to the whole planet and evolve with the times.
- Barbara Dean Schacker, Director/Cofounder

"Rather than teaching a dull history of war and kings or the standard history of America with the exclusion of all other histories, the Global Curriculum offers an East-West "horizontal" study of the world, moving from time-horizon to time-horizon. The ideas naturally progress from simpler knowledge and discoveries to more and more complex and sophisticated information without losing the value of the greatest teachers of all time.

The Global Curriculum is unlike anything we've seen before. For example, instead of Chemistry to create researchers and workers for the chemical industry, the Global Curriculum teaches the Regenerative Sciences that can be applied to all sciences and fields of endeavor. Sustainable solutions and new careers emerge from this new and deeper understanding of nature, following the forms and dynamics of the biological and cosmic model. The linear mechanical thinking of the past is replaced by a more advanced intelligence that honors the Earth we stand on. With this new way of thinking and being, we will avoid the unintended consequences and catastrophes of the past and present and see that humanity can thrive -- and at the same time restore the Earth for generations to come."