e-Courses include:
   The New Paradigm
   Evolution & Society
   Global Studies
   History of Science
   Future Studies
   Regenerative     Science
   Earth Restoration
   Being A Change     Agent


How will the Whole Earth Global Curriculum benefit me?

There are many great benefits. The information and resources here will provide a rich learning environment. You might discover a new interest, a hidden talent or a new career you want to pursue. You might want to travel to the places that you learn about or learn a new language. You might find an idea for a paper or your college thesis. The links and recommended reading in the curriculum will expand your knowledge and literacy even more. You'll become a better problem solver, creative thinker, and solutions developer--and a more enlightened person. You will make new connections online for further study and make new friends in the discussion blog. We know you will be inspired and encouraged to become a life-long learner. The possibilities are endless.

How much does the it cost?

$135 is the introductory price, which includes ALL e-courses available plus the companion book. The book "Global Awakening, New Science the the 21st Century Enlightenment" which is included in the cost sells for $29.95 retail, hardbound.

What is the size of the curriculum?

The online coarseware, Parts I, II, and III, if printed out, would be over 400 pages. The companion book that accompanies Part III is 479 pages. With the additional content of the links to resources and additional free coarses online the total amount of content is even greater.

Is this curriculum accredited?

No, as a progressive enrichment curriculum it is not accredited. However, it can be taught as an accredited course upon the adoption by a school. Each school provides their own accreditation. The content has been professionally fact-checked by Pathways Publishing. Documented sources are given in the coarseware and in the book. In addition, the course includes a bibliography and reference section.

Will the Whole Earth Global Curriculum help a student pass the SATs?

Although it would no doubt help in some areas, the Global Curriculum is a model for a new structure and new content. It is a curriculum of the future, and therefore not designed to help a student pass the SATs and other standardized tests. One can easily combine the curriculum with studies for the standardized tests.

What are the materials costs involved?

Just about everything is here on the Web site and the companion book included in the cost of the curriculum. Links to other courses and resources are included in the units. By following the links to these free web sites, other online coarses and video programs on the web, one can add more meaningful and useful content. These are selected for excellence and most of them are free.