Content includes:
   Global Studies
   New Education
   World Culture
   Holistic Philosophy
   Evolution & Society
   History of Science
   New Science
   Global Regeneration
   Social Change
   The Future
   Activism & Careers
   eCourses for:
   Adult Learners
   College Students
   High School
    Global Studies
   Junior High     Advanced
   Gifted & Talented
   Home Schooling
   Independent     Studies
   Charter Schools
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What you'll find in the programs

The New Education

This introduction course explains what New Paradigm Education is and where it comes from. It explains how the Global Curriculum is designed to be new model for education and prepares teachers and students for what the course will be like and the new thinking that has shaped this new core knowledge.

The New Paradigm

A second introductory course explains the new scientific paradigm that drives change in all areas of life. Gives the history and progression of the breakdown of the mechanistic paradigm to the Organic Shift.

Global Studies

Ancient, Classic, Modern-Mechanistic and Organic Shift to a New Global Awareness and Earth-centered Civilization and Culture. This comprises the main body of the curriculum.

Study guide

A study guide gives easy access to all parts of the curriculum and a way to leap back and forth across the history timeline. It takes one to interconnected subject threads that continue throughout.

Essay questions to evaluate learning

Each section includes thought-provoking essay questions to use in formal education--or just to ponder.

Links for further Exploration

The core curriculum gives the essential snyoptic content. The links however expand this to meaningful connection to other times with parallel connections, the biographies of change makers and great teachers and other free online courses and content that can be accessed on the internet.

Side column in each section

Insightful quotes and links to related content connects to more in-depth study on the web. The "meaning of this", archetypes, biographies, books and movies, arts and culture, commentary or the "back story" is often found here.

The companion courseware book

Because the rapid change and increase in complexity of history over the last 250 years a companion book is included alonog with the online course. The author's book "Global Awakening, New Science and the 21st Century Enlightenment" provides the indepth content of the past 250 years and brings particapants up to the year 2012. Most of the New Science and solutions will be found here.

Recommended reading

The curriculum provides links to books one might buy or read from the library.

Discussion blog for students and teachers

Students and teachers will be able to connect and interact here. Ideas, insights and new links can be exchanged. Here students and teachers can meet, talk and interact with others anywhere in the world.