A Spring Without Bees

How colony collapse disorder has endangered our food supply

Bees are disappearing due to colony collapse disorder and other effects of pesticide poisoning. Without bees the world's food supply is threatened. Author of the book, "A Spring Without Bees", Michael Schacker, exposes the truth about the causes and solutions for massive honeybee die-off. He speaks about it here in this 2008 video. Since 2008 new pesticides and chemicals as well as GMO crops use the same type of chemicals and are increasing honeybee die-off. New research and scientific studies continue to come forth and can be found at our sister site: Plan Bee Central

Michael Schacker was honored with the "Cultural Achievement Award 2010" from The Artists' and Humans' Project for his book, "A Spring Without Bees" the first book to expose the dangers of imidacloprid, clothianidin, fipronil and other neonicotinoid pesticides linked to colony collapse disorder.

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