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SpeechRecovery.com offers a comprehensive array of innovative speech recovery tools and services for stroke or brain injury. Speech therapists, rehabilitation centers and family and caregivers can use our award-winning programs and methods. Speech therapy online and home speech practice kits overcome the obstacles of distance, limited mobility and limited budgets. When speech therapy sessions are limited by insurance or medicare and medicaid cut backs these new options are urgently needed.

We believe giving speech therapists, rehab centers and families training and tools can make a big difference.

If given the simple communication skills and techniques families can aid and support speech recovery at home. Don't worry if speech therapy has ended--there is still time. We've designed our programs so that it doesn't matter if you are starting right away or if it has been years since you've been able to talk. There is untapped potential that can be unblocked and activated with the right approach. And it's easier than you think. We hope you'll let us show you. And remember..."Never give up! It's never too late start!"

~From all of us at SpeechRecovery.com

Applying the most effective techniques is key:

Since "aphasia is different for everyone" we need to be flexible and smart about adapting our experience and methods as speech therapists to new situations and make sure it works for the person within their context, whether that is in private practice, rehab setting, independent living or home environment.

See how we breakthrough speech barriers for yourself.

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with years of experience and success--someone who cares and who will be delighted to help you. Outside the U.S.and Canada, please call 001-845-679-5364. You can leave a message with your information or you can email us to request more information and your free e-book.


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It's Easy to Get Started!

You can put together an "Intensive Speech Therapy" program without the high cost and make it available to anyone in the world. Studies show that intensive programs are over 80% more effective than only a few sessions per week.

Using multi-sensory techniques can produce better results for those with aphasia, apraxia and other speech-language problems because the sense of touch and integration of auditory and visual cues help to create new pathways in the brain for speech.

Our in-depth programs and techniques can be used "in the moment" in everyday spontaneous interactions, with web cam applications and Cyber Clinics, or software programs as well as guides and hands on materials.

Reading and writing are tied to speech. We've found that when writing comes back the ability to talk often returns along with it.

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